A special gift from a special day in 1951

I love it when a new addition to our collection ofvintage china comes with a special story…it’s one thing to buy china at a vintage market, auction, charity shop or car boot, but when it is passed on to you by a friend it comes with a real sense of history to it. This pretty set of 6 teapcups and saucers, teaplates, sandwich plate, milk jug and sugar bowl look great in the photo and even better close up. They are dainty without being so delicate you are afraid to hold them, the orange detail is handpainted and they are in near perfect condition. So where did they come from? Packaged in a box with the message ‘Wedding present 1951, love Gran’, my good and lovely friend Laura recently inherited them from her Gran. A wedding gift to her in 1951 they are a classic example of the style of the day and would have been put on display in her house and used on a regular basis. Laura was keen to see them used again so has donated them to our collection of vintage china items. We are delighted to have them and look forward to seeing others enjoying using them at our next event. Thank you to the lovely Laura!

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